Thursday, December 24, 2015

シェルダン・ナイドル 12月22日 英文 日本語の簡単な説明あり


Dratzo! We arrive in joy! The last phases of the delivery process is underway. What can somewhat delay this process is Xmas. The Ascended Masters see this time of the year as they do early May as a holy time and seek to clearly observe this sacred part of the Gregorian year. Hence, those who are sending these heavenly blessings can temporarily delay deliveries. However, despite a divine delay these special gifts are to be delivered to you! 


Since ancient times, this time of the year has held special significance. Even in the time of Atlantis, the end of one year and the beginning of a New Year was celebrated with special rituals and ceremonies. Be gracious and joyous that this time is as well to be the start of your blessings. Remember how long this has taken and bless with appreciation what you are to receive. Be ready to use this moment to start to use these funds to manifest your dreams. Thank all and let your group and yourself take this new year in hand and with detail figure out how this divine vision is to take shape. Know that with these blessings comes a new reality and new governance!


   As you look around your globe, you find how this change is taking place. The reality is that this world of yours can no longer function as it has previously. Desperately needed changes are popping up everywhere. The water crisis is one of the most apparent. Most of your world lacks a truly safe water supply. The resources to provide it are there. Yet, they are unavailable because of the politics and supposed expense. Blessings are to be given you so you can use these humanitarian funds to solve this immense crisis. This is only one of the many infrastructure problems that are to be resolved. Many others such as roads, bridges, and even such simple things as railroads require some sort of innovative thinking. We know that a great many people are ready to demonstrate the solutions needed for success. In addition, you need to give the globe’s children the means to absorb a truly high-quality and productive education. It is a matter of providing a good foundation for all by producing enough food to end starvation forever.


   We have been discussing numerous problems that are on the verge of overwhelming your reality. As consciousness grows, you can start to see how easily these many problems can be alleviated. The vital key is to isolate the dark minions who control this realm and to simply let the Light in. This is the gist of what we are doing. We have watched you grow and seen how the dark manipulates you and seeks to keep you at a certain level of control. Our liaisons are steadfastly working to see that these scalawags are swiftly isolated from you. Once you are free of them, you can easily use your innate abilities to forge a better world. It is this new reality that we intend to visit and to help you to finally finish your long journey back to full consciousness. It is in this Light that we have journeyed here in such great numbers. Our mentors stand ready to assist you across the final bumps in this very long road. It is this process that is driving us toward success!


   Millennia ago, you were suddenly ripped from your true Lights by the dark priests of Atlantis. This technology was not yet capable of permanently altering you. Heaven saw this as an opportunity to fashion a special group of humans. These were extremely capable of aiding the children of Anchara in their own journey to the Light and to full consciousness. You are to transform this galaxy by what you are to learn. And to pass on this knowledge by the great mercy that is innate in all humans. You are to provide an enormous service to all in physicality and to become great role models, which are the stuff of legend. As we have stated, you are in the final stages of this journey. We are here to record these mighty times and to assist you in the last vestiges of your moving the glories associated with your return to full consciousness. You are to be reunited with your spiritual and space families. You are as noted here on the very edge of your move into your greatest adventure, the fabled teachers of the Light among the Ancharans!


   Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We know just how hard it is to see the many blessing that you deserve delayed by circumstances beyond your control. Various machinations by the dark’s remaining agents have forced certain special security measures to be duly enforced. As these long promised monies become available rejoice and remember the sacred significance of this time of the year. Graciously accept these divine gifts and use your sense of mercy in determining how best to either use or distribute them. These gifts are to be the start of a grand prosperity that is to be showered upon this orb. Let this be a time of endings and beginnings. Let it be a moment for you to demonstrate your resolute belief in the power of the Light. Help those in need and start those projects that are to aid humanity in general. Be positive and ready to carry out what your inner heart and mind truly believes in.


   As we approach this most significant occasion, look upon this event as a time when the true unity of humanity is to finally shine on a global basis. Wonderful things are to happen because deep inside we all really care for one another. This Love is to reflect the growing level of consciousness that you all feel inside you. It was only a few years ago that many of the incidents that have happened would have led to some type of global conflagration. This growth of Spirit is most encouraging. You are beginning to expand the level of applied mercy on a worldwide basis. Hence, remain positive and let this wondrous feeling continue to flow and to grow. New governance is to manifest. This new time is eventually to permit us to appear and teach many things that you need to know about your past, present and future. Sitting in the midst of all this is the eternal now.


   Your sacred task is to take both your growth in consciousness and in Spirit and forge a new realm that is to be the precursor of a new human society. Long ago, we were denied our chance to turn Atlantis into a new amalgam of the Spirit of Lemuria merged joyfully with the technologies of Atlantis. Ever since that time, you have floundered in the prison that is limited consciousness. Because of a series of exemplary lives, Heaven eventually turned us Masters into your faithful overseers. We have applied mercy and grace along with a showering of good works to keep the higher sparks of humanity alive. Presently, a great heavenly miracle is to complete our mutual times in the dark. It is this new realm, which beckons us and is to allow us to meet and share our wisdom with you! It is a divine moment when all of us are to get to welcome each other and rejoice!


   Today, we carried on with our weekly message. Many events are now ready to manifest. We thank the Creator and bless those happenings that are shortly to embrace us. Let us take this holiday season and use it to both begin and celebrate a most amazing time for all of humanity! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)



  1. 凄いリアルさん^ - ^♪but...リアルさんの翻訳の方が 分かりやすいです。。。

    最近感じるのは 日本はまともな振りしてかなり悪どい国なんだなぁ〜と 瞑想しながら ポワッポワッと感じました。。。
    経済を改善なんてする様子もなく、腹真っ黒が見え見えだから余計情けなくなるんですが、いつまで そんな詐欺まがいな事国でしてるつもり?って感じています。。。
    其処に政府や官僚 公務員、権力に負けた 媚び売ってるレプ共ダダーッと並べて スリッパで一発づつかましたいです‼︎。ジングルベルじゃないんだよ‼︎と…イベント好きな庶民は 他に日々忙しくてやる事見つける事に慣れてないから ( 忙し過ぎておそらく見つけられない )釣られてしまうだけであって 心底喜んでいるか?と言ったら⁇だと思います。。。レプが決めた流行りなんて NESARAが実現したら 皆鼻息で吹っ飛ばすと思います(笑)。。。
    それくらい レプが考えた事は ワンパターンのくだらない事ばかりです。。。シェルダンの言う通り ワクワクして待っていたいのに 何処もかしこも銭銭銭(笑)煩さ過ぎます。。。

    (ψψ∀≦♡)but...メッセージを読んで 安心できました(嬉)ワクワク続行です。。。

  2. リアルさん、翻訳ありがとうございます。とても分かりやすいです。
    心も体も完全に自由になりますね。 めでたし・めでたし。

  3. 私もリアルさんの翻訳の方が分かりやすいです♪

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  5. 本当に、この地球のことを考えて関わりたいという宇宙種族がいるのであれば、また地球人を利用して宇宙の和平を遂行しようとするのであれば、チャネルメッセージの文字とかではなくて、空に何キロもあるでかい母船クラスを首都上空に停留してほしいです。特に国会上空とかいいですね。なんらかの形で資金が配布されてもまだまだ吸いとるヤカラが日本には多すぎてガンです。震災時の寄付金も何処かへ消えているし云々。来年は盛大な宇宙船停留イベントを期待します!小型船、探査機、数々の光たちは(アガルタからの光も)見せられてきたので特に期待しながらイメージを高めたいと思います。

  6. リアルさん翻訳ありがとうございます。凄く分かりやすいです。


  7. リアルさん、ありがとうございます。



  8. 昨日、大量着陸の夢を見ました。白光UFOが上空あちこちに現れ、街に溢れる人々は皆感動している様子で、静かに眺めたり、手を振ったりしてその瞬間を迎えていました。近くにいたシュレックみたいな異星人と握手をしたり、とても嬉しく感動的な夢でした。正夢になるかな~。(o*゚ー゚)o

  9. w(* ̄∇ ̄;)w ハッハッハ 引っ張るなー NESARA

    結局 偽のアセンションと同じかもね。

  10. Replies
    1. ↑かまってちゃん笑

    2. w(* ̄∇ ̄;)w ハッハッハ 不正解!!

      ネットは ブログよりも メールの方が影響力がある。

      ツイッターの日本人トップは なんとフォロアー数500万を越す!

      全部 逆になっているんだよ w(● ̄0 ̄●)wワォッ!!

    3. このブログに 政治家や有名人は 来るの??
      メールだと こんなチェックが出来る!!

      何故か 片山さつきさんだけでなく
      ホリエモンも このツイに 怯えた。

      > @katayama_s くどいですが
      > 解釈を逆にすると
      > 矛盾から
      > 糸が縺れたようになって【#心が壊れます】
      > 宗教関係者は
      >  【#神仏は御金を食べれない】
      > を理解できない。
      > 多額な寄付金には、別の理由を考え
      > 自分で辻褄合わせしているので
      > まともな説明が出来ない ⇒ 傍には理解不能

    4. ホリエモンさんは
      このツイに 怯えたので 自分の支援者を解って無い様です。
      つまり 霊感も無い。

      > @takapon_jp追⑲以前 説明したように
      > 自力で 出世している有名人は 居ないんですよ。
      > ソフトバンク孫さんには
      > #グレイ宇宙人 が支援してます。
      > ホリエモンさんも 誰かが 高次元から支援してたけど
      > 負けたんですよ。

  11. リアルさん、私は空を見てもUFOが見れません。なぜでしょうか。

    1. 昼間、UFOを見るのは至難の技ですね。夜だったら、光が動いているという感じで見つけやすいです。昼間は、雲に化けているクラウドシップが多いですね。雲を見て、「これ、UFOの形している」って思った事くらいは、何回かあるでしょ?



  12. パククネ大統領のこの時代、ようやく慰安婦新基金一億円合意か。

  13. 天皇を告訴する動きって草木さん、それはサンフランシスコ地裁に元従軍慰安婦から提訴された昭和・今生天皇、安倍、産経新聞とは別件の話ですか?いずれにしても派手にやってほしいですね。もちろん元従軍慰安婦の方々の勝訴を望みますが、例え敗訴だとしても天皇が積み重ねてきた悪事が世に知らしめられれば、これはこれで前進だと思います。あれだけの強盗殺人を繰り広げた昭和天皇が裁かれないなんですから。今回の提訴は元従軍慰安婦あっぱれ!(^◇^)です。





  15. Subject: 究極の真言密教は 宇宙を動かすこと!~2012年の戦い

    信仰形態が 他力本願ー依存型の人には

    最終戦争ーハルマゲドン 2012年にセットした
    最大の脅しは 銀河の衝突!


    > @nhk_news再度。
    > 弘法大師の真言密教の究極は
    >  #宇宙を動かすこと
    > 2012年 イルミナティの総攻撃が始まった。
    > 最大の脅しは 秋に
    > #アンドロメダ銀河と天の川銀河の衝突をセット