Friday, May 20, 2016

Donald Trump has created EgyptAir Crash HOAX to win the Election!

Donald Trump: Anybody thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky, you are 100% wrong!

His words are telling you that it wasn't blown out of the sky!

Donald Trump is the one who has created this EgyptAir Crash HOAX.

His objective is to win the election and be a president!

His only advantage is that he is favor for the war. Many people in the US love wars. They have the stickers on their cars "I support our troops!". War is popular policy among blood sucking reptilians who are disguising as human with human holograms. Of course, Donald Trump is not a human but a reptilian.

All the blood sucking reptilians and their hybrids are supporting Donald Trump to take back America from President Obama.

Reptilian Donald Trump is saying to human cattle "Don't worry! I am going to protect you from terrorists who blew up EgyptAir."  But EgyptAir Crash was HOAX, and the terrorists do NOT exist.

Those human eating reptilians scare you, so that they can easily manipulate you.

The proof of EgyptAir Crash is HOAX is following.

EgyptAir MS804 crash is HOAX. Egyptian Officials Press Conference Live Stream video was created 7days ago!

Live News Stream: Egyptian Officials Press Conference on Missing EgyptAir MS804, has been created 7 days before the crash made by President Donald Trump Video.

Unfortunately, this video has been changed to another Trump video.

This is the view of the original video has been created  7 days before the crash .

The original video has been created  7 days before the crash  has all the details, scenario of the false flag.


  1. 英語喋れないと国際的になれないですね~。this is a pen.ぐらい...^^;。

    1. そのうちに、言語や、その他の知識は、私達の脳みそにダウンロードできる様になります。そう、まるでコンピューターの様に。もう、くだらない勉強なんてしなくて良くなるんですよ。

    2. それを心待ちにしています(嬉゜ω゜)! 何もいらないで~す。